I Will Come Through This Stronger Then Before

Hey Its Autumn. I am a girl who loves everything but struggles to love herself and her inperfections. I used to cut myself but now, with the help and support of my pastors,family, and Tessa Albert(my best friend,sister,daughter),my bestie Malik Calliste, and my other best friend Lizzie Toth, i am coming through stronger this time. I love the Lord and the gift that he gave me to be able to play the violin, clarinet, and flute. The violin is the way i express myself now...instead of cutting I pick up my violin and just pour all my anger and/or saddness into what im playing. I love music. It was and always be forever with me and a special thing in my heart. And I just want to say that Tessa Albert is a true friend. I dont deserve such a great friend like her. I LOVE YOU TESSA.I will always be urs no matter where our future takes us. and even through this bestie isnt on tumblr, i need to say thank you to Malik Calliste. Even though we have never met, u will always be my bestie and always have a special part of my heart. i will never let either one of you go. you 2 r the closest people to my heart and there you will stay...i love you guys thanks :D and Lizzie...I know that we have been through some things and we have had our differences of opinions but u r my best friend too...u kinda always have been from the day we tlked on the bus in elementary school. i always sat with u and to this day i still do...even though i may not show it, i love u and care for u and i always see me u and tessa always being either best friends or friends.u r an amazing person and never change. i love u so much and wouldnt want to loose u ever. <3 <3 <3 <3


This is what I want ny room to look like

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